St Columbas nursing home can save you €1,400

If you or your loved one is currently on discharge from hospital and if you are in need of respite care the HSE will pay the cost for one or two weeks respite in only five nursing homes in Galway.

To improve the choice of nursing homes to senior citizens living in the west of Ireland, St.Columba's Nursing Home is offering two week’s free nursing care, saving more than €1400.00. St.Columba's Nursing Home believes that some senior citizens are being placed in nursing homes without having a choice.

The home claims that the policy of limiting choice to just five nursing homes by the HSE is inappropriate, not in people’s best interests and may well be miles from their own home, family and friends. St.Columba's Nursing Home hopes this offer, to all people looking for nursing home placements, will be placed where they choose; not limited by financial arrangements made by the HSE.

If you or your loved one is in hospital at the moment and will require care, don’t be forced to go to where the HSE want you to go. Go and talk to St Columba’s Nursing Home, they will arrange everything for you and you will be cared for by the best. Contact Aideen at St Columba’s Nursing Home 091 796188 / 087



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