Fiat tops CO2 reduction rankings for third year running

Fiat appears to be setting a new standards in cutting carbon dioxide emissions after both the Fiat brand and Fiat Group posted Europe’s lowest volume weighted CO2 emissions, according to JATO, the world leader in automotive advisory and research services.

Fiat Automobiles logged a CO2 average of just 127.8g/km compared with 133.7g/km in 2009’s results. This puts it ahead of Toyota (130.1g/km ), Peugeot (133.6g/km ), Renault (137.5g/km ), Citroen (137.9g/km ), Ford (140.0g/km ), Opel/Vauxhall (148.9g/km ), Volkswagen (150.4g/km ), Audi (160.9g/km ) and Mercedes (176.4g/km ).

Fiat also ranked first among the motor groups (131.0g/km ), ahead of Toyota, PSA, Renault and Hyundai.

The statistics show the average emissions figure for every vehicle Fiat sold in Europe in 2009, and also means that Fiat has beaten the European average target of 130g/km five years ahead of its 2015 implementation.

This eco-friendly achievement is the result of a long-term Fiat strategy based on a two-pronged approach: implementing technological solutions aimed at containing consumption and emissions, and raising the awareness of motorists to spur a more responsible, eco-compatible use of their cars.

Unique engines, such as the new 900cc, 95g/km twin-air two-cylinder and second-generation 1.3 multijet engines delivering power of up to 95hp, are part of that strategy.

Raising awareness is the second part of the policy - implemented by Fiat’s eco drive, the in-car software which analyses driver behaviour and suggests ways to improve it.


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