Ronan Walsh to exhibit in Galway

THE ACCLAIMED Irish artist Ronan Walsh will be exhibiting his paintings in The Hut, 18 Market Street, from Thursday March 25.

Ronan was born in Dublin but now lives full time in Toronto and is well established in the North American art market. When he comes back to Ireland he enjoys spending time in Westport, and the Mayo landscape is a constant theme in his work.

Another major theme is horses and his depictions of theses magnificent animals has drawn much acclaim. A Canadian art critic wrote “Walsh’s horse canvasses reveal the breath of his stylistic approaches to painting from representational to near abstraction.”

Commenting on his art overall, the Irish art historian Susan Staris said: “Walsh’s work is a sensuous expression of feeling and experience. Nothing is restrained in his painting; fevered brushstrokes, raw colour, and a physical intensity combine to induce in the viewer a series of fervent emotions.”

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