One Shot World bring back Stags and Hens

ONE SHOT World are bring backing Willy Russell’s much-loved comedy Stags’N’Hens, which it staged in here two years ago to sell out crowds.

Set in the toilets of a rundown Galway nightclub, the play portrays the respective Stag and Hen nights of Dave (Gerard Faherty ) and Linda (Amanda Coyne ), unwittingly arriving at the same venue.

While Dave lies drunk in the gents and the lads go ‘on the pull’, Linda is having serious doubts about the wedding - despite her pals’ enthusiasm to see her married. Russell’s hilarious script contains strong language throughout.

Ahead of the show’s run in the Black Box, cast member Caoilfhionn Morris, who plays the role of Carol, talked about the production and her part in it. She began by explaining how she herself got into acting.

“Initially a lot of messing around when I was a kid, “ she says, “playing Disney princesses and re-enacting scenes from the Bible in my back garden! I’ve always enjoyed playing other people and putting on voices when reading and stuff.

“It was in fourth year of secondary school when we were all made audition for the musical that I realised I was quite good at this acting business, I got the lead role in My Fair Lady and absolutely loved it!

“I did a play in first year college called Say Cheese and I portrayed a crazy Scottish woman, which was hilarious to do. Unfortunately my course in college didn’t allow for much free time - I’m studying to be a midwife - so Stags’N’Hens has been the first opportunity I’ve had in a long time and I’m only delighted with the way it’s going!”

How would Morris describe the character of Carol?

“Carol is very complex with a very deep and pensive soul...ah no I’m kidding! She’s one of the bitchy friends of Linda, the bride, and she doesn’t mind expressing her opinions on everything.

“She thinks the club they are at is a dive, she is the first one to see the wedding dress and of course has to tell everyone, and she has no problem telling Maureen to shut up at every possible moment...she’s confident in herself and, to be honest, she’s only delighted to have a bit of drama!”

Russell’s play was originally set in the author’s native Liverpool in the 1970s but this production relocates the action to a Galway setting.

“Stephen Kenny, the director, has done a great job in transforming the play into something a tad more local,” Morris asserts. “The phrases and locations are changed to suit now and we’ve certainly tried to keep it as Galway as'll have to come see it in order to understand what I mean!

“Everyone is bound to get their laughs as it hits very close to home and there isn’t one character that the audience won’t be able to relate to, or indeed know someone who fits the profile exactly!”

So is Morris enjoying working on the play?

“Ridiculously so!” she says. “This play gives you the ability to have some craic with your own character and with everyone else, Stephen wants us to put our own individual seal on whoever we’re playing and with that sort of freedom it's impossible to not love coming to rehearsals.

“The amount of times we've had to take a break in order to calm down from a serious laughing session is too many to mention and every day someone seems to bring something new to the table which only adds to the comedic effect.

“I guarantee that anyone who comes to see the play will not be disappointed because if they enjoy it half as much as I've enjoyed rehearsing for it then it's most certainly not to be missed!”

Also included in the Stags’N’Hens cast are David Sullivan, Graham Feeley, Colm McCarthy, Mark McCormack, Kate Costello, Alan Clarke, Steve Cantrell, James Hall, Micheal McDonagh, and a special appearance from Galway’s 1996 Olympian Francie ‘Southpaw’ Barrett playing himself in a role that has to be seen.

Stags’N’Hens is at the Black Box from Thursday March 25 to Saturday, 27 at 8pm nightly. Tickets are available from the Town Hall on 091 - 569777.


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