EPA gives city water the ‘all clear’

For the first time in three years there was actually good news in relation to Galway city’s water supply when the Galway City Council received the “all-clear” from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The council got the all-clear from the EPA in relation to the lead contamination issue as a consequence of measures put in place since the 2007 cryptosporidium outbreak.

“Galway City is self-sufficient in water due to the recent upgrade of the Terryland Water Treatment Plant,” said the council’s director of services Ciarán Hayes. “The council now produces 48,000m3 of high quality water per day, which is sufficient to meet the needs of the city and parts of Galway county.”

Mr Hayes said it was this extra capacity which helped the city cope with the recent severe weather when many other cities were experiencing water shortages.

With the short-and medium-term plans finished, the council’s attention is focused on the long-term need of the city and parts of the county.

Ryan Hanley Consulting Engineers have been appointed to allows us to examine the city’s future water requirements over the next 20 years. The work will include a new water intake location and a possible further upgrade of the Terryland Plant to increase production up to 80,000m3 per day.

“Significant progress was made on the lead contamination issue in a short space of time and this was due in large measure to the work of councillors and residents’ associations on the ground in replacing private lead service pipes,” said Mr Hayes. “The EPA is satisfied with the progress and has formally closed its file on this matter.”



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