Beware of bogus water testers warns Walsh

Fine Gael Cllr Brian Walsh is warning the public to beware of potential bogus water testers claiming to be from the Galway City Council or the HSE and to always ask for ID before letting anyone into the house.

The council will be carrying out tests to assess the level of lead that may be present in the city’s drinking water system. The water testing regime for Old Mervue will sample on average one in every two houses per road. The water-testing regime for the rest of the city in the affected areas will sample on average one in 30 houses.

As a result testers from both City Hall and the HSE will be coming to homes in the city. Cllr Walsh is calling on people to make sure they have possess genuine IDs.

“We had this problem with bogus testers during the cryptosporidium crisis,” said Cllr Walsh. “Official personnel from the council and the HSE will have ID on them but the public is best advised to be wary.”

His call has been echoed by the Mayor of Galway Cllr Padraig Conneely. “If in doubt do not admit these people to your homes,” he said.

The HSE West has also been conducting water testing in food premises and the council has engaged expert advice from Britain in progressing the short and medium term solutions.



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