Back to our roots for 2010 trends

Laurent Billiet, director of La Maison Chic, member of the Irish Association of Interior Designers, reports the trends from the biggest interior design trade show Maison et Objets held in Paris at the end of January 2010.

Believe it or not, economic and social trends have a profound effect on the interior and home décor trends for the upcoming year.

Colour reflects the past

Stress over the current economic recession translates to a yearning for the better days of the past. Heirloom colours and distressed finishes will be a strong trend in the year to come. Hues such as earthy browns, aged greens, and smoky blues will be reflected in both paint and fabric.

Interior design revisits people's roots

As a part of the desire people have to revisit the past, trend analysts are seeing a resurgence of interest in the ancestry of individuals. As a part of this return to their roots, people will long for patterns and colours with a global influence. Aboriginal, Native American, and African tribal patterns, including bold geometrics, will be prominent this year.

Neutral colours and simple sophistication

As people return to their pasts, they realise the most important things in life are not related to money. Economic woes create a desire to simplify life. Varying tones of grey and white will be the hot neutrals during the coming year. These greys vary from warm putty to cool steel grey.

Colour reveals hope and optimism

As the future unfolds, people are full of hope. Society is built on the hope that one day things will be better, and dreams can be fulfilled. This optimism is reflected in a fresh, lively, colour palette for 2010. Spring reflects life renewed, and the colours of spring bring hope. Vibrant violet, warm tangerine, sunny yellow, and grass green will be found in fabrics and accessories throughout the year. Floral patterns with a retro flair will continue to reign, as these happy colours take over home décor accessories.

Whether longing for the past, or looking toward the future, the home decorating trends for 2010 reflect what means most in any society — hope and family.

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