New dance activities for teenagers in Galway

Health Promotion Services, HSE West, and the Galway City Sports Partnership have teamed up with ‘Ace High Cheerleaders’ to provide 20 teenage boys and girls with the opportunity to get involved in a unique and rewarding discipline free of charge.

These classes will provide teenagers with an opportunity to develop their basic fitness and participate in fun-based activities that are challenging and team based. These activities will involve dance movements, stunts, jumps, tossing, and tumbling.

The teenagers will be able to participate in these cheerleading classes on Wednesday evenings in Ballybane Community Centre from 6pm to 8pm or in the Shantalla Community Centre on Saturday afternoons from 1pm to 3pm.

Paul Gillen, Health Promotion Services, HSE West, says: “This is a wonderful way to encourage teenagers to develop and pursue an interest in an activity as well as fitness in an atmosphere of fun and exhilaration.”

Fiona Collumb from Ace High Cheerleaders feels that “these classes will provide for a fantastic team spirit and camaraderie where the music is pumping, the energy is flowing, and one develops friendship, skills, and fitness.”

Call Paul Gillen at 091 548 323 to register your child for a 10 week programme free of charge. There are only 20 places available and the programme will begin in March.



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