See Gogol’s The Government Inspector at Druid

KHLESTAKOV IS a lowly civil servant from Saint Petersburg. He could do with some money so imagine his luck when, in a small provincial town, he is mistaken for a high-ranking government inspector.

The major and the leading government officials fear Khlestakov will uncover the extent of their corruption so in order to keep him quiet they pay him generous bribes. He is only to happy to accept and make the most of their misconception. Will the townsfolk realise their mistake or will Khlestakov get away with it?

This is The Government Inspector by Nikolai Gogol which will be performed by the Galway Community College’s Theatre Performance PLC class in the Druid Theatre on Wednesday February 10 and Thursday 11 at 8pm.

This production, adapted by Alistair Beaton, features mime, movement, parody, and comedy. Tickets are €10. For bookings and information contact The Galway Community College on 091 - 755464.



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