City dentist honoured for his sensitivity

A city based dentist has been awarded a special honour which recognises excellence in dental care.

Dr James McGovern, who has a practice in Francis Street, walked away with the coveted “Highly Commended” title in the Sensodyne Sensitive Dentist of the Year 2009 Awards recently.

Dr McGovern was nominated by a Galway patient who is nervous of going to the dentists.

“I myself am very nervous when attending the dentist and have a very low pain threshold. Through his professional and personal manner, Dr McGovern managed to relax me to the point where I was able to continue with the treatment.

“Dr McGovern also looks after my three children who have grown up being treated by him, from milk teeth to braces without dread, fear and with the least amount of discomfort.”

Dr Barry Harrington, the chairperson of the judging panel, praised the Galway dentist for his skills.

“Dr McGovern not only successfully met the challenge of treating a patient who had great fear but he managed to treat her children in such a way that her fear was not transferred to them as can often be the case. This is a difficult challenge for many dentists and one which Dr McGovern seems to have dealt with in a way that is representative of the very best in long-term oral health care.”

The most recent MRBI survey conducted by Sensodyne confirms that 45 per cent of Irish people suffer from nerves or apprehension at their regular check-up and a further 24 per cent of these said their nerves had resulted in the cancellation of an appointment.

Nuala Beecher of GlaxoSmithKline says the relationship between dentist and patient is extremely important.

“Those who know and trust their dentist are more likely to keep to their regular visits, resulting in better oral care and hygiene. Sensodyne is delighted to acknowledge and support the good work of the dental profession.”

Dr Harrington outlines the judges were impressed by the number of dentists nominated from right across the country and the standard of care that Irish dental patients are receiving.


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