Galway Cycling Campaign welcomes council reduced speed limit proposal

Introducing a 30km/h speed limit in the city centre is “an excellent idea” that will benefit cyclists and pedestrians and encourage more people to walk and cycle.

This is the view of the Galway Cycling Campaign which has welcomes the Galway City Council’s intention to introduce a 30km/h speed limit as part of its proposal to secure €25 million funding from the Government’s Smarter Travel National Competition.

“This is an excellent idea. Introducing a 30km/h in the city centre is a low cost measure encouraging more residents to walk and cycle,” said GCC chair Shane Foran.

The campaign also believes that the council’s target of a 100 per cent increase in cycling over the next five years can be achieved if “sensible measures” are put in place and the money allocated is “not wasted”. Mr Foran also said he would like to see such proposals implemented regardless of whether or not Galway is ultimately successful in its bid.

While the GCC has welcomed the council reaching the Stage 2 of the Smarter Travel bid, he was critical of certain aspects of the bid.

“Roundabouts are not addressed at all,” said the GCC’s Oisin Ó Nidh. “Secondly the money must be spent wisely especially in this economic climate. Half a million euro would provide top quality cycle parking stands all around the city, not just the city centre.”

He said developing cycle only routes can be very expensive and the benefit can be limited to a small number of cyclists and usually for only part of their journey.



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