Council needs tough policy to stamp out dumping says Connolly

A policy must be put in place that tolerates zero dumping in any estate, as protecting residential amenities and the health and safety of child should be the priority.

This is the view of Labour councillor Colette Connolly who was commenting on the “appalling dumping” in Corrach Bui over the weekend.

On Monday Cllr Connolly sent in photographs to the Galway City Council of the burnt out mattresses, broken bottles, bikes and other debris that were strewn all over the neighbourhood’s green area.

Upon seeing the photographs City Hall ordered an immediate clean up. While Cllr Connolly welcomed this she criticised the council for not taking action on the matter sooner.

“This has been reported to the council by residents since Hallowe’en but to no avail,” she said. “I fail to understand the inordinate delay by the council in responding to the reports. A community warden did go out and inspect the sites but unbelievably no action was taken.”

Cllr Connolly is now calling for “a radical shift” in the way the city council deals with dumping.

“A policy must be put in place that tolerates zero dumping in any estate,” she said. “The preservation of residential amenity and the protection of children should come first. If dumping is not dealt with the problem simply worsens.”



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