Many cultures form one exhibition at Galway City Museum

The calumet, a traditional North American peace pipe, is one of the many fascinating pieces on show as part of an exhibition in the Galway City Museum.

The peace pipe forms part of an exhibition entitled A Message From the Firing Line... which includes the work of Native American Indian artist, Natalie Ball; Isabella Basombrio Hoban from Peru; Shimon Sakakibara from Japan; and John Hoban from Ireland.

The exhibition itself looks at the way various cultures portray their own heritage through the arts. Among Natalie Ball’s contributions is a peace pipe. The pipes have a spiritual significance to Native American tribes, and are associated with the White Buffalo Calf Woman.

According to one story of the pipe’s origin, the White Buffalo Calf Woman told tribal leaders to smoke the pipe before treaties and ceremonies as it would bring the mind to thoughts of peace.

A Message From the Firing Line... is currently on show on the top floor of the museum, which opens Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10am to 5pm. It will run until the end of January.



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