Galway’s a top holiday destination for single women

While most Galwegians are itching to fly off to far flung places to avoid the big freeze and thaw single women around the world have voted our city as one of the top five cities to visit, the only Irish place to feature in the list.

The Top Five Cities for Single Women list was compiled by Single Minded Women, an online web content community devoted exclusively to the needs of single women. Believe it or not Galway was listed along with popular spots such as New York, Sedona, Key West, and Paris.

Commenting on the attractiveness of Galway the team at Single Minded Women say that this city of ours is perfect for women who “aren’t quite ready for the hustle of London, Rome, or Paris”. They go on to say that: “You and your gal pals will have a great time sipping shandys in the local pubs and singing Irish songs all night long. While you’re here, pick up some of the best wool sweaters and caps, sure to keep you warm all winter.”

Seems a bit of a cliche view of Ireland but if it gets more American and other tourists to our shores then who’s complaining. So watch out guys, there will be plane loads of single women heading your way soon.



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