Meet the ‘Johnny Cash of Connemara’ on TG4

John Beag Ó Flaithearta, known as the ‘Johnny Cash of Connemara’ will be profiled on Ar Ancaire, a documentary which will be broadcast on TG4 on Sunday December 20.

John Beag has been acclaimed as the founder and best known exponent of the ‘Country and Gaeltacht’ genre of singing.

His songs of heartbreak, longing for home, alienation, and the exiled navvy are popular throughout Ireland and among the emigrant Gaeltacht communities in Britain and north America.

This programme chronicles John Beag as he faces a personal and artistic crossroads in his life - his wife passed away and he has returned from Chicago to make a new life with his son in his native Foirnis, Leitir Mealláin, Connemara. He is also going back to the recording studio for the first time in years.



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