Something for everyone at Sam Baileys

Sam Baileys’ new bespoke catering service can bring the flavor and charm of Sam Baileys to your office, home, or venue of your choice.

The imaginative crew creates scrumptious breakfasts, brunch, lunches, and dinners, all made at Sam Baileys Café. The company’s philosophy has always been seasonal food, produced locally and cooked to perfection.

The business catering service provides offices and homes with the same organic and natural fare offered in the cafe. Make breakfast, brunch, and lunch convenient and delicious with an irresistible collection of home baked goods, sandwiches and canapé platters, one-of-a-kind house special salads, and everything tasty in between.

Successful event planning requires attention to myriad details. Sam Baileys never uses frozen produce, meat and poultry is cooked fresh every day, and the bread is handmade by artisan bakers. The catering crew welcomes and enjoys collaborations with clients on all of the elements that make an event special and distinctly yours.

Sam Baileys’ friendly delivery service can drop off the food and drinks, or a staff member can set up for you. Sam Baileys is available for private hire after 6pm each day. You can bring your own wine to keep the cost down and all you have to pay for is the food. Call Sam Baileys on (091 ) 507123 or (086 ) 7755455 for details visit


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