WEEE wish you a green Christmas - get recycling

WEEE Ireland, the Irish compliance scheme for electrical and battery recycling, has provided extra resources in recent weeks to assist local authorities in collecting water damaged household electrical waste in areas affected by flooding.

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE ) can cause damage to the environment if not recycled properly. Hundreds of householders whose homes were damaged by flood waters have unfortunately had to dispose of their kitchen appliances, p

TVs, computers, and lots more household electrical equipment.

The scheme contacted local authorities immediately to ensure the public were aware of the free electrical recycling system available to them at recycling centres, and ran special collection events in the affected areas to assist in the recycling of all the damaged electrical goods. Local authorities or local committees in affected areas that require extra assistance in getting their household electrical items collected for recycling can contact WEEE Ireland directly at [email protected] or go to www.recyclefree.ie for information on your local civic amenity site.

WEEE Ireland is also reminding consumers not to forget the environment from their shopping list this Christmas. Waste electrical and electronic equipment can be brought back to any electrical retailer free of charge when purchasing a new item of similar type. This Christmas, thousands of electrical gifts will be given and received across the country, but what fate will befall upon the old MP3 player, hair straightener or battery operated toy being replaced?

WEEE Ireland is also encouraging people to recycle all batteries used over the Christmas period in an environmentally sound way - watch out for the blue WEEE Ireland battery recycling box in stores.

Locations and opening hours for recycling centres can be found on www.recyclefree.ie along with details of special collection events for electrical recycling held by WEEE Ireland.


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