Galway dentists warn that time is running out for PRSI

Galway dentists are urging people who require dental treatment to apply for treatment and check-ups before the implementation of changes to the Dental Benefit Scheme on December 31.

One of the lesser-reported cuts in the recent Budget has been the near-abolition of the Dental Benefit Scheme, paid for by workers through their PRSI contributions. Until now, eligible patients have received a free annual check-up and six-monthly cleaning, and a portion of most other treatments covered by their own earnings.

After December 31, however, the Department of Social and Family Affairs will cut this entitlement down to just one free annual examination. Dentists are urging all patients who have outstanding treatment, or those who may be due a six monthly cleaning or annual check-up to contact them now. With Christmas approaching, there are few working days before the December 31 deadline to be examined and registered for treatment.



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