Farrell gets a visit from the Fuzz

GAAW accuses Gardaí of ‘harassment’

Niall Farrell, the spokesperson for the Galway Alliance Against War group has accused the Garda of “harassment” following two plain clothed detectives calling to his home last weekend.

Last Saturday at approximately 5pm two plain clothed garda detectives called at the home of Mr Farrell. He was not at home at the time. It appears the gardaí wanted to speak with him about a phone conversation he had with a member of the Aviation Authority four months ago at the time of the appearance of the RAF’s Red Arrows in Galway.

Responding to the Garda visit to his home Niall Farrell stated: “The irony is stunning: In the same week President Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize, even though in his first seven days in office he sanctioned two air strikes in Pakistan that killed 22 people including women and children, and I get a visit to my home by two detectives because of my activities as an anti-war activist.”

Mr Farrell alleged that the “unannounced visit” to his home by the gardaí was “nothing other than harassment”.

Less than two weeks ago Mr Farrell was told by a uniformed garda sergeant investigating the death threats made against him that the investigation was at an end.

“The gardaí are in possession of the number that made the three threatening calls, the phone is registered to a bogus name and address,” he said. “The gsardaí could not establish where the calls were made from or where the phone, that is still in use, was to be located because the telephone company Vodafone have failed to reply to the sergeant’s requests!”

Mr Farrell has now contacted the Garda Ombudsman regarding the Garda call to his home.


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