Poetry inspired by angles and The Claddagh

LIFE, LOVE, loss, angels and overcoming adversity are the themes of a new collection on poetry from The Claddagh’s Seán Connolly.

Angels Over Claddagh by Seán Connolly was recently launched in the Galway City Museum by the comedian Tommy Tiernan.

“My poetry, though simple in form and rhyme, still tries to convey to the reader, a deeply personal, emotional, and spiritual journey and I sincerely hope that all those who see it, will appreciate it and benefit from reading it,” says Seán. “I hope I have been able to convey that much needed quality; optimism. No matter how difficult things may be, with confidence, determination and optimism, we can achieve many things and overcome many obstacles.”

Seán has a strong belief in the power of the angels. In naming his collection Angels Over Claddagh, he is “honouring two things that have meant much to me on my life’s journey” - angels and the Claddagh.

For more information see www.angelsovercladdagh.com


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