Help Pio tell her story for Baboró

PIO IS determined to tell a story, she has it all in her imagination but finds it difficult to get it out of there. She needs the audience to help her tell her fabulous tale.

This is A Hedge Called Hog, an interactive theatre show for children aged between five and eight from Cups and Crowns theatre company. It will be performed by Gillian Kelly, Maria O’Leary, and Vinnie the fish next week as part of the Baboró arts festival for children.

The audience are encouraged to participate in the show and help Pio tap into her dormant imagination and ignite it. What the audience helps to unearth, is an imagination that fuels a story that Pio is determined to tell.

A Hedge Called Hog will be performed in the Druid Lane Theatre on Monday October 12 (11.30am ), Tuesday 13 (10.30am and 4pm ), and Wednesday 14 (10.30pm and 12 noon ).

The play’s director Fiona McDonagh will facilitate a chat-back drawing exercise with the children after the show.

Tickets are available from Druid on 091 - 562667/562642. See also and


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