Where does your ticket money go?

Some of us often wonder where the €60 or €70 we pay for our All-Ireland ticket or semi-final ticket gets distributed. Well, last Sunday in the match programme a comprehensive breakdown of where the money from a single ticket gets spent was given.

Admission to last Sunday’s game €70.00

Infrastructure investment €18.90

Distribution to counties €12.60

Match day costs €9.80

Player injury and welfare €9.80

Games development €9.10

Administration costs €9.10

Total expenditure €69.30

So based on those figures, Croke Park only retains €0.70 or one per cent of the purchase price of the All-Ireland final ticket. Almost 80 per cent of GAA revenues are re-cycled directly within the association. The GAA contributed more than €13 million last year to help counties meet the costs associated with training and looking after teams.


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