Cinema Review - Dance Flick

The trailer had me worried that this was going to be yet another one of those pointless spoof movies, with no plot, lots of stupid gags, and mind-numbing parodies and my suspicions were confirmed.

I’m not a kill-joy but I’m just getting a little sick of these endless spoof movies, it’s not like they’re ever going to be as good as the classic Airplane, the Naked Gun films or even more recently Scary Movie. The Wayans brothers seem to have lost their touch here, or their minds, or both.

The film steals a collection of scenes from dance flicks, mostly from Save The Last Dance. However, the jokes and scenes just seem to be thrown together, and repeated, by a madman.

One of the main characters Megan (Shoshanna Bush ) dreams of becoming a dancer. While she is performing a dance audition, her mother is tragically killed in a car accident and she has to move to another city to live with her penniless father in a condemned building. Megan, who has given up dancing since her mother’s tragic death, enrolls in Musical High, an inner city high school, where she meets new friends like Tracy (Chelsea Makela ), Charity (Essence Atkins ), and Thomas (Damon Wayans jr ). Megan’s new friends all dance together in a street dance gang and they must battle it out for a chance to win $5,000 at a local dance contest. Meanwhile, Thomas and Megan fall for each other and follow their dream of dancing together.

Am I boring you yet? Well, you’re forgiven on this occasion. There really isn’t much more to this except the usual cliches, black/white and fat jokes being used and re-used to death. The character of Thomas plays on the fact that he’s a little embarrassed to be dating a white girl and there’s the sassy black friend and single mum who pops out her baby after doing a spin on the dancefloor. One of the very few good scenes features an enormous gangster Sugar Bear (David Alan Grier ) singing a version of Dreamgirls’ ‘And I Am Telling You’, only this one is dedicated to snack food.

I like comedies and some spoof movies in the past but I would advise maybe waiting for the DVD release for this one.

Verdict: 1/5


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