C Joynes gig and guitar workshop

CAMBRIDGE GUITARIST C Joynes will play De Burgo’s of Augustine Street on Wednesday July 27 at 8pm.

The show is part of Joynes’ Irish tour to support the release of his new EP LHR Twins on the Galway based Independent label Rusted Rail. LHR Twins includes a new version of ‘I Love You Hanny Fuji’; The Grateful Dead/Incredible String Band influenced ‘Lay You Down O My Brother’; and the solo guitar piece ‘The Autumn Leaves Of Red And Gold’.

Also on the bill are Rusted Rail labelmates Agitated Radio Pilot and Music For Dead Birds. There will also be a screening of Clown Around Lesotho, a documentary by Mike Casey following the Irish Chapter of Clowns Without Borders (featuring Galway actor Jonathan Gunning ), an International humanitarian Aid organisation.

Entry is €5, with €1 going to Free Gaza Movement.

On Wednesday Joynes will give a guitar workshop at the Galway Social Space, Middle Street at 5pm. The workshop will cover alternate tunings, finger-picking, slide guitar, and composing pieces, aimed mostly at beginners and those who have been playing for a short while.

Rusted Rail has also just released The Dovetail Consort’s new six track EP East & West. The band is cantered around the Bristol based composer Tim Newman. The EP mixes eastern and western instrumentation and tonalities.

For more information go to www.rustedrail.com


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