Is your confidential company data accessible to thieves?

Recent high profile events have highlighted the dangers of having unsecured confidential data on your laptop or PC. The loss or theft of a PC/laptop is distressing but this can be compounded further if the laptop / PC contains private and confidential data.

More serious is the case recently where companies had laptops stolen containing highly confidential customer data. For companies in this compromising situation there is also the fear of liability if highly sensitive customer data is stolen.

“Many people assume (mistakenly ) that data contained on a laptop or PC is secure because of a logon password,” says Seamus Quinn, IT consultant with “The reality is a password can be compromised very quickly.”

“In many cases a USB stick can be used to access and copy confidential data in a matter of minutes completely circumventing a user’s login.” “The only definitive way to protect your data is to fully encrypt the entire hard drive” according to Mr Quinn.

Data encryption works by using complex algorithms to make your files completely inaccessible until the correct password is used. Any business today, large or small, can now ensure that sensitive customer data held by the business is secured without spending vast amounts of their IT budget on security procedures.

Businesses can also encrypt sensitive data held on critical servers/PCs located in their office. “At one time only large business and banks implemented data encryption however with today’s increasingly mobile workforce, data encryption is essential for all businesses”.

For more info contact Seamus Quinn on 087 8250050 or email [email protected].


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