Achieve that hair-free look with Laserderm

We have all wished for a body free from embarrassing unsightly hair. Now is your chance to realise that dream for summer. The Laserderm Clinic offers the most advanced method of permanent hair removal which is practically painless and removes unwanted hair quickly and effectively.

Razors, tweezers, torturous waxing and electrolysis — we've all gone to great lengths, not to mention suffering, in our endless battle against hair, but often we find that all this energy is wasted as the hair soon grows back.

The Ellipse light treatment at the Laserderm Clinic in Claregalway is your answer to all your embarrassing body hair problems. Laserderm offers fast, safe, and practically painless permanent hair reduction. The most discomfort experienced is a tingling sensation, which soon passes.

The time taken depends on the size of the area being treated; a minor facial treatment, eg, upper lip area, can be completed in about 10 minutes. The entire back or both legs can take up to two hours.

The Laserderm Clinic specialises in laser and advanced skincare treatments so you can be confident you will be treated by an experienced and certified aesthetician. The Laserderm Clinic offers free one-to-one private consultations and skin analysis to ensure all you skincare questions are addressed.

Visit or contact the clinic at (091 ) 739344 to book an appointment.



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