Cosmetic treatments to look and feel great

The Aesthetic and Laser and Cosmetic Clinic offers the newest techniques for the successful treatment of a range of problems.

Excessive facial and body hair growth is a problem for many men and women. Laser hair removal allows almost all parts of the body to be treated for the long-term management of unwanted hair. All treatments are carried out by fully qualified professionals and are suitable for both men and women

Skin rejuvenation boosts the collagen in your skin to improve the tone and texture of the skin. It is an anti-ageing treatment used for fine lines, redness, sun damage, and age spots.

For red veins the clinic offers the most advanced and effective methods. Veinwave enables vein removal from any area of the body and can be used to treat red spots, rosacea, and thread/spider veins.

Larger veins are treated using sclerotherapy. To combat the ageing process, special solutions of synthetic collagen, or frown freezers, can be injected. These are used for improving lines and filling out lips for a fuller look. They work by relaxing the facial muscles on the forehead; this process reduces and smoothes away frown lines and wrinkles. Deeply etched frown lines affect not just your appearance, but also your self-esteem and even your choice of career.

Cosmetic acupuncture (acupuncture with or without needles ) is also commonly referred to as acupuncture facial rejuvenation or acupuncture facelift. This new method can enhance not only your physical appearance but also your overall health, giving you a glow that radiates from deep within. All treatments are carried out by qualified medical staff.

For more information contact the Aesthetic Laser and Cosmetic Clinic, Kiltartan House, Forster Street, Galway, phone (091 ) 567535.



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