The seven deadly sins of plus size fashion

Style Plus boutique in Oranmore is offering tips to help you avoid these common fashion faux pas. These ‘sins’ could apply to most women, but are all too common for plus size beauties.

— Too much black

Black is the fallback colour for women the world over, but the truth is that not all fair-skinned beauties can wear this colour. It is surprising, but any colour used throughout an outfit can be slimming, and even better, the right print can work a treat. There is something about a print that tricks the eye and somehow the body beneath shrinks.

— Wearing things that are too big

Wearing something that is swamping you just is not flattering. You need to enhance your curves and give yourself shape by choosing something that is well cut and not like a burlap sack.

— Obsessing about size

There are no standard sizes in fashion. Don’t worry about the size, it is all about the fit.

— Not trying things on

Looking at a garment and deciding it isn’t for you isn’t always the best way to shop. All ranges fit differently, the type of fabric makes a difference to the cut, and some clothes just have no hanger appeal. Experiment and try things on — the only thing spent is time.

— Panic buying

Many plus size beauties do not enjoy shopping and leave it until the last minute to shop for special occasions. This is the worst strategy because you are in panic mode. Check out the shops on a regular basis and buy things that are needed in your wardrobe, and not just for special occasions. You are better off to build a wardrobe of key pieces that are there when the invitation comes.

—Teeny tiny accessories

Too often small pieces of jewellery on a large expanse of décolletage serves to do one thing — make that area look very large. You are better off going with a big statement piece of jewellery or layer up the smaller pieces to fill in the area. Chandelier or drop earrings elongate the neck for a swanlike effect. Beautiful pieces of jewellery will bring the focus up your face and away from any minor imperfections you may have.

—Bad underwear

You can buy all the beautiful garments in the world and they won’t look good without proper foundation. Get fitted every six months by a professional bra-fitter and build a lingerie wardrobe of various bra styles, knickers styles, and shapewear (if that is your thing ).

Style Plus, Main Street, Oranmore, has a collection of clothing sizes 16 to 32 that has been handpicked from the US and Europe and as a rule will be generously cut and on trend, including key investment pieces with classic flattering shapes, and designed specifically with curves in mind.

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