KC Blake’s Pantry opens in Oranmore

KC Blake’s is open for business six days per week from 10.30am until 7.30pm Tuesday to Saturday, and on Sundays from 12 noon to 5pm. The company’s aim is to produce restaurant quality food for you to eat at home. So what is the difference between certain large supermarket dinners and KC Blake’s offerings except the price? I put that question to Vicky as today price is an issue for most people. The difference is that all the raw materials are sourced in Galway and of the best quality available, the fish, the meat, the fruit and vegetables, and even the packaging are all sourced locally. There are absolutely no flavour enhancers or preservatives and everything is handmade by the team of chefs. Everything is cooked fresh each day and delivered to The Pantry so it is as fresh as possible.

KC Blake’s has recently hired an Indian chef to increase the range of Indian dinners. I sampled the Kadai lamb curry and the south Indian beef curry, both had much more meat than I would normally expect so if you like more meat than sauce you certainly won’t be disappointed. Both curries were very well flavoured and you could tell that they were made by an Indian chef, my favourite was the lamb.

Most of the meals will feed one very hungry adult, or in my own case they generally feed two people if I add some salad or a vegetable. The prices are typically around €7 to €9 with their most expensive and most popular dish, the roast duck, costing €14.95. I have had the duck on a number of occasions and it certainly feeds two people. I also sampled the penne pasta carbonara with Portobello mushrooms, which was excellent. Other dishes I recommend are the navarin of lamb and the pork forestaire. Besides the fact that they are delicious, they are a lot of trouble to cook at home, particularly if catering for one person.

The company’s range of tarts, cakes, cheesecakes, scones and cookies has been expanded and it is the first time such a range has been available on this side of the city. The absolute best value is the giant cookie; about six inches in diameter for €1.10, also excellent are the fresh fruit scones for €1.25 and chocolate éclairs for €1.50. If you fancy something larger try the Coca Cola chocolate cake or the raspberry and passionfruit meringue roulade. All take-away coffees and hot chocolate are €2, and if you are a Maxwell House fan a coffee is only €1, seems fair to me. A local delivery service is available for parties by calling in or telephoning 091 795916. My top value tip is to buy one of the deep quiches, slice it up into whatever size portions you like, wrap each portion in cling film or a vacuum bag, and freeze. They will defrost perfectly and you always have a snack in stock.

Finally, KC Blake’s Restaurant now has an early bird menu available seven days per week from 5pm to 7pm. Sometimes they let it run until later so be sure to ask if you arrive after 7pm. The cost is €21.95 for a choice of five starters and five main courses plus a glass of wine, telephone 091 561826.



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