Meet your new councillors

A personal, sideways, view of our new city councillors, who took their seats in City Hall on Monday.

Galway City East

Terry O’Flaherty: Is there something of a Mervue Mafia in City Hall? Terry, Declan McDonnell, and Brian Walsh are all from there, have all been mayor, are all together in the new pact, and might be mayors again before the end of this new council!

Derek Nolan: Lean and hungry, he is Labour’s Luke Skywalker - a new hope in the fight against the evil Fianna Fáil (it’s a pity only the bad guys get the red lightsabres - it would match his hair! ) However his attack on Fianna Fáil in the council chambers on Monday was less Luke Skywalker, more Hans Solo firing that dastardly fatal shot at Green Greedo.

Declan McDonnell: A football lover, hard worker, and wily operator, he is the Brian Clough of City Hall. No doubt he loves Cloughie’s quote (and thinks it may apply nicely to himself ): “Rome wasn’t built in a day. But I wasn’t on that particular job.”

Brian Walsh: The new leader of FG in the city council he’ll have some job keeping Pádraig Conneely on a leash and preventing Hildegarde from bursting into song when asked to address the chamber.

Michael J Crowe: The Galway Alliance Against War were contemplating calling a recount if Michael J was not elected! He was, comfortably, so expect more fun and games and tree hugging over the next five years.

Tom Costello: With only one Connolly in Labour’s council party and two new members along with Billy Cameron to stand beside him, hopefully Cllr Costello will come a bit more into the limelight.

Galway City Central

Billy Cameron: Billy will bring his much valued common sense and Left wing principles to bear on the new council, and he possesses that most endangered of species - a real Galway accent.

Pádraig Conneely: Do you know that scene in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, where Darth Vader looms over the shoulders of the assembled Death Star commanders? Now you know how City Hall officials feel about the bould Pádraig.

Colette Connolly: The flip-side to Pádraig Conneely’s sense of theatrics and devilment, Cllr Connolly is a lot less Darth Vader, and more like the prophet Jeremiah - not someone known for upbeat assessments of anything.

Ollie Crowe: The brother of Michael J. Will it be a Bee Gees’ style harmony or Gallagher like rambunctiousness? Why also am I reminded of that great Liam Gallagher quote: “I’m the new breed! I’m the new f****r!”

Galway City West

Donal Lyons: The King of Knocknacarra. Again I return to Star Wars, his election was like C3PO among the Ewoks - adulation, acclaim...

Catherine Connolly: Expect plenty of “disgraceful”, “outrageous”, and “a scandal” from the Claddagh woman over the next five years. Although in fairness she’s usually right!

Hildegarde Naughton: Calamity Jane’s election was proof that Salthill voters think it’s time to trade in the morally dubious world of gambling for the more wholesome pleasure of musicals. Expect to see her at the Town Hall in the near future belting out Alice Cooper’s ‘I’m Elected’. (She is a lark flanked by crows? — Ed )

Peter Keane: There should be shrines erected to him in every Fianna Fáil cumann in Salthill for making sure that the party’s council representation did not dip below three seats.

Neil McNelis: Proof positive that the phrase ‘third time lucky’ really is true. He’s been knocking on the door since 1999 and a decade later he finally enters City Hall as a councillor. Expect plenty of interesting ideas and much flicking of that Jonathon Ross hair.



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