Check to cheek

Blusher is to the complexion what vitamins are to your health, according to Dick Page, artistic director for Shiseido Make-Up.

“It is an easy way to help keep you looking your best.You can’t overlook this vitality booster, but, just like vitamins, you have to find the right one.

“For the shade, select the colour that is closest to the glow of your skin after exercise,” he recommends.

To apply powder type foundation put some product on half a sponge and apply on the cheek and chin on one side firstly. Smooth it from inside to the outside of the face.

“Take up foundation again and repeat the process. Apply lightly around the forehead, eyes, nose and mouth because these areas tend to fade easily. For greater coverage take a small amount of foundation and apply to the specific area.”

Eyebrows frame your eyes so it is important that they look right. Dick Page advises to begin by combing them in every direction and then decide what looks most natural.

“Use scissors to cut the ends of any hairs that are too long and pluck out any stray hairs. Keep it a bit unstructured - it makes your face look more dynamic. For make-up, use powder or pencils, depending on your skill with each of these tools. For a more structured look, hold them in place with eyebrow gel.”

* Shiseido cosmetics are available from Matt O’Flaherty and Briarhill pharmacies.



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