Specsavers’ new retinal camera in Galway is potential sight saver

Customers of Specsavers store at the Eyre Square Centre can now benefit from a more comprehensive health-assessment service with the installation of a new state-of-the-art retinal camera.

The latest generation auto-focus fundus camera plays an important role in the early diagnosis and prevention of many eye conditions, including diabetic eye disease and glaucoma. This free service is provided during routine eye examinations

As well as being a potential sight saver, the camera allows the optician to explain the results of the eye test. It provides a lasting record and can be used for comparison purposes at the customer’s next visit.

The retina, within the eye, is the only part of the human body where small blood vessels (veins and arteries ) can be observed directly. The auto focus aspect of the new retinal camera ensures the optician can get a clear picture of the retina for most clients (previously the domain of professional retinal photographers ).

Specsavers in Galway has invested in this high-tech equipment to ensure its customers are examined thoroughly with the best equipment available.

“We have been waiting for a long time for this break-through technology,” says store director and optometrist Noel Meehan. “This is a fantastic piece of equipment that really improves our professional service. We pride ourselves on being able to offer customers the best eyecare service and this new equipment enables us to enhance the benefits that customers can experience in-store.”

Many people are unaware that the quality of their eyes can deteriorate rapidly, he says. “We advise all our customers to have their eyes tested every two years and having the retinal camera will help us to identify deterioration in a patient’s ocular health.

“It enables the diagnosis of many other ocular conditions but is particularly useful in the detection and management of diabetic related eye problems. Diabetics require careful and regular monitoring and it is useful to be able to save a record of the condition of their eyes to make comparisons on their follow up visits. And beyond that it is very useful to be able to save a record of the condition of their eyes to make comparisons to on their next visit.”

For further information call to Specsavers at the Eyre Square Centre or telephone (091 ) 568814.


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