The future looks bright for Galway company All About Kombucha

This may be the year of ‘The Booch’. That’s Kombucha to you and me. The healthy, freshly fermented, sparkling tea is sprinting into the Irish mainstream, thanks in no small part to Emmett Kerrigan and Keith Loftus of All About Kombucha.

The pair stormed into the year winning the Irish Food Writers Guild Award for Best Drink 2022.

"Phenomenal," Emmet musters. "Buzzing," laughs Keith.

The ever humble ‘Booch boys’ are taking a moment to reflect. What began as a landscape construction business far from home in British Columbia, now stands as a collection of health brands in Galway, a place they are thrilled to have returned to.

"We wouldn’t be here without our family, friends, and customers," they said. "The food community too. It’s truly something special. A rising tide lifts all boats, that seems to be the shared ethos."

The pair are passionate about what they do. One almost feels like they have found their ikigai, a Japanese concept meaning ‘reason for being’ or ‘purpose’. That purpose, to support better health for all, both mental and physical.

With a huge, country-wide demand for low alcohol alternatives, the Booch boys have struck gold. Draft pours of their low sugar, probiotic phenomenon are being devoured by thirsty punters. It is a worthy competitor to any beer or cider on the market, one which leaves your stomach and soul all the happier after.

It is easy to envision an era where ‘the Booch’ is served in every bar and restaurant across the land. Made of few ingredients, it is the ideal product for today. Locally made with a lot of love or "Tea, water, fruit, and patience," as they say themselves.

Their patience is paying off, as All About Kombucha becomes one of Galway's modern success stories. You can find it in bars and restaurants across the land @allaboutkombucha or at where you can order a case of this fruity flavoured sparkling tea straight to your door


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