Relax, revive, rejuvenate at Devon Holistic

Devon Holistic Health Clinic is located in Devon Park House, 108 Lower Salthill, an excellent location with free parking and on the No 1 bus route. The clinic has therapy rooms, a yoga studio, and a room for weekend workshops. Proprietors Deirdre Irwin and Sinead Murphy offer a range of therapies.

Sinead Murphy specialises in bio energy, a healing system that focuses on the electromagnetic energy of the body, locating and clearing blockages and imbalances on the energetic level which then filters and heals the physical body. Bio energy realigns and corrects the natural energy flow within the body, activating the body’s own healing process by transforming stress into vitality, increasing clarity, health, and wellbeing, and helping overcome the root cause of pain in our bodies. Clients are often astounded by the positive shifts in themselves and their lives.

Sinead Murphy also has years of experience working in reflexology, sports and work injury, deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage, and hot stone massage. To book call (087 ) 624 5685.

Deirdre Irwin’s range of treatments include hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, sports injury massage, Indian head massage, and co-ordination and massage for dyslexia, learning, and concentration. She specialises in reflexology, and in particular maternity reflexology which helps restore and maintain the body's natural balance. This helps to alleviate insomnia, constipation, and anxiety.

Deirdre Irwin is also trained in craniosacral therapy. She uses its gentle, soft, safe, touch to encourage people to let go of any stress and tension and to balance restrictions that can cause pain and dysfunction throughout the body.

For more information or an appointment call Deirdre Irwin at (087 ) 952 0008.



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