Dress for your shape and save money — part two

In last week’s column I emphasised the fact that knowing what suits your body shape is the key to look your best and save you money.

The apple shape: You carry most of your weight around the middle. You have small hips and bum and amazing legs. To make the most of you figure accentuate your cleavage and your legs. Empire line style tops and dresses will help your achieve that. Show off your legs by wearing knee length skirts or dresses. Shoes with heels will make your legs look longer. Wearing the right bra is fundamental in flattering your figure and giving you a waist. Draw the attention from your breasts up or from your hips down. Do this by wearing coloured accessories, ie, necklaces, earrings, etc, or play with your make-up or hairstyle. Also wear brighter colours or lots of details on your bottom half.

The inverted triangle: You have a top half heavier than your bottom half. You probably have big boobs and broad shoulders, small hips, and amazing legs. You need to minimise your top half and focus on your bottom have. Halterneck (with a V or scoop neck ) or wraparound style tops/dresses are best on you. Wear a brighter shade on the bottom half and a dark shade on top half. Details on your hips or bum will make them appear bigger. Show off your beautiful legs with shirts or dress with the hemline finishing just above or just below the knee.

The column shape: You have a slim figure whether you are tall or average height. Although most clothes would suit you, you will need to create curves. Clothes with lots of details (such as ruffles, frills, etc ), high necklines, horizontal stripes, and block colours, will help you look bigger. A belt is a perfect accessory to create a waist and therefore make you look curvier.

Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight as they will make you look too thin (remember that you need to create curves ).



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