October to be a red letter month for some FFers

October was a significant date for the Soviets as the October Revolution of 1917 overthrew the Russian provisional government and eventually led to the creation of the Soviet Union in 1922.

In the 1930s, Fianna Fáil were accused of being Bolsheviks and perhaps that charge was not unfounded as the October-Red-Soviet-Fianna Fáil connection is about to receive its latest twist.

This October will prove to be a significant month in the political fortunes and lives of many party hopefuls who want to be candidates in the 2009 Local Elections.

Normally selection conventions are held in Galway city and county to decide who will stand in the various wards. However earlier this year, FF - politburo style - took away the power to decide who will run in the locals from the local cumanns.

Cumanns can nominate potential candidates but only FF HQ will decide who will stand for election - only after, in another politburo style move - they have been interviewed by a panel led by An Tánaiste Mary Coughlan.

FF took this action in light of the poor local election results in 2004 and due to a belief that too many ‘undesirables’ were getting onto election tickets.

It is understood the nomination papers of all those wishing to stand in 2009 have been sent to FF HQ in Dublin. The nominations have yet to be dealt with but it is understood that come October, the nominees will be informed of when they must attend the interview.

As such FF will have its own October Revolution when those with a real chance of winning and those with no hope are separated.

However sitting councillors - in Galway city’s case - Cllr John Connolly (Galway City Central ) and Cllr Mary Leahy and Cllr Michael J Crowe (Galway City East ) - do not have to go through the interview but are automatically selected to run again.

Speculation persists as to who will join them. For Galway City Central, former mayor Martin Quinn and Cllr Crowe’s brother Ollie Crowe seek to stand. In Galway City East, Sheila Mangan has been mentioned. However, should Noel Grealish join FF, could Cllr Declan McDonnell be added to the FF ticket?

In Galway City South, Val Hanley, Peter Keane, and Phelim O’Neill have all been cited as potential standard bearers.



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