Motor neurone disease AGM in Ballinasloe on Saturday

The Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association will hold its AGM at the Carlton Shearwater Hotel, Ballinaslo, on Saturday at 11am.

The guest speaker on the day is Dr Susan Byrne who is conducting a scientific study of families with the condition in Ireland.

“Looking at conditions that seem to run in families can help to find genes that increase susceptibility. This will be done by comparing samples of DNA from groups with a lot of neurodegeneration in the family with groups where there seems to be very little neurodegeneration running in the family. So information from this study will go on to help to find new genes that might be targeted in MND and this in turn is likely to help to find new treatments.”

Motor neurone disease is a progressive incurable neurodegenerative condition which attacks the upper and lower motor neurones. Sufferers are unable to do everyday activities. Walking, talking and swallowing may become virtually impossible. MND strikes people in the prime of their lives and there is no known cure. There are 60 people with MND in the west.

The Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association strives to ensure people affected by MND receive the care and support they need.

“We provide specialised equipment free of charge to the MND community, financial assistance towards home care, nursing, and counselling. We also provide specialist advice and training to those affected by this progressive neurological illness and their care teams.

“The IMNDA has been a generous supporter of MND research down through the years and has recently provided funding for Professor Orla Hardiman and her team at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin to carry out this detailed scientific project.


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