Let Halvey & Associates give your business the expertise it needs

During the first lock down in April, after working in management for more than 20 years Shirley Halvey began thinking about starting up her own business. What commenced as an idea in April turned into reality six months later when her new company Halvey & Associates opened.

Providing finance, system development solutions, and supports to business is the objective. Targeting small and medium sized enterprises, Ms Halvey believes that she can offer valuable assistance and guidance to those who may not be able to employ full-time staff to carry out certain functions.

“As a small business owner, the owner has to wear many different hats within the business, it can be very hard to take a step back to see what direction to take your company,” Ms Halvey says.

“To have a trusted third party to look at a business with fresh eyes, and base discussions on these observations gives the business owner a new perspective on their business. In essence providing the SME with a business health check.”

Throughout a deeply uncertain spell for the world, Ms Halvey reflected on her working life, and is adamant that a gap in the market exists.

“The Covid-19 Pandemic has presented many challenges to SMEs, but it has also presented the opportunity for business owners to take a step back, to evaluate companies’ structure, costs, and identify areas for growth,” she says.

“Also, many SMEs have projects that they have earmarked for their business but do not have the manpower or expertise, areas that Halvey and Associates can assist them with.”

It is an exciting time with Ms Halvey eager to supply guidance on a wide range of topics including project management, marketing and future proofing.

“My aim is to build up a network of SMEs,” she explains, “so they can come to us with different issues and projects they have throughout the year or years, thus building strong business relationships.”

“They know they have a trusted partner that they can work with and that they don’t have to employ somebody full-time. My business goals are to make Halvey & Associates a go to company that SMEs can confidently engage with in the knowledge that we have the expertise to deliver on their company requirements. “

The journey has started.

Halvey & Associates can be contacted at [email protected]


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