Anti-Pop Consortium @ Róisín Dubh

ANTI-POP CONSORTIUM, widely regarded as cutting edge innovators by b-boy purists, experimental electronic heads, and indie rockers, play the Róisín Dubh on Friday May 15 at 9pm.

Even if hip hop was not going through a very stale patch, Anti-Pop Consortium would still, and very easily, stand out as innovators. They have been praised for their stream-of consciousness lyrics, their ability to give seemingly unrelated word clusters hidden meaning, and their sonic backdrops that provide the perfect canvas for their lyrical paintings.

The album Arrhythmia (2002 ) was released to critical acclaim on Warp Records and found them on tour with DJ Shadow and Radiohead. APC have recently signed to the Big Dada Recordings label and their next album, Fluorescent Black, will be released in September.

“We needed time to grow and mature as artists individually,” the group says. “Now that we have assessed our strengths and weaknesses, we are ready to re-form stronger and better than we have ever been before. The chemistry we have together makes for exceptional music. As creative musicians, it is our duty to bring our brand of individuality to the world of music. It’s time to return.”

Tickets are available from the Róisín Dubh and Zhivago.


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