Rabbitt brought Galway Ladies to a new level

Galway manager Tim Rabbitt, who brought Galway Ladies to a new level, steps down from the job.  Photo : Sam Barnes/Sportsfile

Galway manager Tim Rabbitt, who brought Galway Ladies to a new level, steps down from the job. Photo : Sam Barnes/Sportsfile

Galway senior ladies football manager Tim Rabbitt has decided to step down from his role, believing a "believe a change of vision and voice is required".

Rabbitt, who has spent three years with the senior ladies - two as manager - also worked as a coach under Stephen Glennon before taking over the reins in 2019.

He continued the work put in place during Glennon's reign, winning the Connacht crown, and then led Galway to both the National League divsion one final, and its first All Ireland final in 14 years.

Although beaten by Cork and Dublin, the continued improvement of the ladies continued this year. Galway were joint top with Cork in the league before it was affected by Covid-19, and then advanced to the All Ireland semi-final.

That rearranged fixture and then last minute venue change left a sour note for the Galway Ladies as they lost to Cork in Croke Park. It is something Rabbitt describes as "disappointing".

"Although my time as manager ends on a disappointing note with this year’s semi-final defeat and the events that preceded it, I will not let the dark cloud that hangs over that day, to take away from the many enjoyable days we experienced together over the past three years."

"I want to say that I felt honoured and privileged to be involved with this group of players, management and county board officials.

"I feel that we are very fortunate in Galway to have the high quality of people and players currently representing our county at senior intercounty level and I can testify to the commitment and dedication that this group of players have shown over the last number of years to ensuring that Galway are competing for All Ireland honours.

Rabbitt says the next step for this group of players is an important one.

"I dearly hope if the will is there, from the players, to come together again, with a renewed drive to reaffirm their commitment to bringing this group to the next level, then I have no doubt it can be achieved.

"It is clear there is still much work to do and I am sorry I will not be part of the next step on the journey, but unfortunately I feel I have done all I can and believe a change of vision and voice is required to assist the players achieve their goals."

Galway Ladies County Board says Rabbitt has served Galway Ladies with "utmost of commitment, dedication and integrity".

"He brought players to a new level and assisted them in progressing and performing at this higher level. Most importantly, he at all times encouraged players to believe in their ability and talents and always strive to be the best they can be.

He has passed on not just football skills, but life lessons in leadership, teamwork, and accountability. We are indebted to Tim and all his mentors who have vested so much of themselves in our senior team."


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