‘Be nice to canvassers’ appeals Independent candidate

Given the deservedly low opinion in which the public currently holds the incompetent trio of Cowen, Lenihan, and Coughlan, it’s no surprise canvassers are having doors slammed in their faces - even if they have nothing to do with Fianna Fáil!

While out canvassing last week, Galway City Central Independent candidate Mike Geraghty was pleased to be receiving a courteous reception on the doorsteps. However there was one exception.

“While canvassing College Road I heard one man shouting at a member of my team,” says Mr Geraghty. “He said: ‘Not another bloody Independent. We already had Michael Crowe here last time and look where he went.’

“Fair point I thought, perhaps I can turn this around. As I walked towards the house, hoping to engage the irate voter in some constructive debate, the gentleman proceeded to shout while slamming the door in our faces. ‘Well I certainly won’t be joining Fianna Fail,’ I announced to the closed door.”

In order to console his team after this ordeal, the sports loving Mr Geraghty informed them that he was “improving their health and fitness as they are out walking in our traditional Galway early summer weather” and that they were “meeting new people and engaging in constructive debate...occasionally!”

As a result Mr Geraghty is appealing to people who normally dread the approach of politicians to be patient with them.

“Please be nice to them, don’t shout at them,” he said. “They are only playing their part in the democratic process.”



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