Lockdown brings drop in crime in city, but speeding offences double

The restrictions of lockdown were the probable causative factors of the decline in almost all criminal activity in the city for the first nine months of this year, the City Council Joint Policing Committee meeting was told this week.

However, the incidences of speeding in the city rose more than 140 per cent from a total of 2,085 last year to 5,028 this year.

In response to questions from the committee members, Chief Supt Tom Curley said that there is no evidence that the number of heroin users in the city had risen in the past year.

He was also asked to monitor the number of speeding and recklessly driven cars gathering at the Galway Shopping Centre in the evenings.

He said that he acknowledged the rise in the numbers of domestic abuse callouts was as a result of the lockdown limitations and he said that such calls are being given the priority and promptness of response by his officers.

The full breakdown of crime in the city in the first nine months of 2020 are outlined in the table below.


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