When is rest, physio, or an MRI needed for your knee pain?

If you know someone who is currently experiencing knee pain, or if you are currently frustrated with knee pain and are fed up of relying on painkillers or worried about your knee pain leading to surgery or a full knee replacement, then it is important that you read this article.

I have made a specialised quiz to help people understand what is causing their knee pain and the best course of action to take. Will rest work? Do you need to get a scan, X-ray, or MRI? Would physio be of benefit or just anti-inflammatories? I have made a quiz that can be found at www.solutionsphysio.com/index php/knee-pain, or email me at [email protected] and I can send you the link to help you answer these questions.

I wrote this quiz as one of the main frustrations I see with patients when they come to me is they do not have a clue what to do. They have spent weeks, months, and sometimes years doing the wrong thing, only for their knee pain to get worse, their reliance on painkillers get greater, and their fear of knee surgery increases. A lot of patients I eventually see follow a similar pattern. First, they tried to avoid the issue and hope it went away. This rarely works because, especially with knee pain, you have to fix the cause of the problem. Then they might go to their GP and take painkillers. This sometimes helps initially, but rarely works long-term because you have to fix the cause of your pain, not just treat the symptoms.

Eventually a lot of people come to me. Now about 90 per cent of the knee problems I see are generally fixed within three sessions, but there are some injuries not suitable for physio or massage. I recently had a patient come up to me from Waterford who had been getting treatment week in, week out, with a local sports masseur in Waterford with no improvement. After five minutes and some simple tests I was able to tell this patient that physio was not needed and an MRI was required. He had a cartilage problem which can only be helped by surgery. No amount of physio would have helped. He had a scope on his knee and after a rehab programme that he underwent with me is back hurling pain-free.

I feel this may come across as a bit of a ramble, but if you are suffering with knee pain then you need to take action. I see too many times paralysis by analysis. Too many options. Not a clue what to do, so do nothing! Think about five years from now; if you don't find out what to do about your knee pain, where will you be? What activity might you be missing out on? Will you need surgery? Think about a life without having to worry about knee pain and just being healthy and active.

This is why I have made this free quiz. It takes about one minute to fill out. Once you have filled it out you will discover:

1. What is the most likely condition causing your knee pain?

2. Should you get an MRI or X-ray?

3. Why your knee might click, lock, or give way.

4. One simple thing you can do to ease your own knee pain.

To take this quiz simply go to everardphysiotherapykilkenny.com/knee-pain Alternatively if you email [email protected] I can send you the link.

I hope this helps


PS This quiz is completely free and you will not be asked to pay a penny for anything. I am very lucky that past patients tend to send me new patients, so I am as busy as I need to be. So fill out this quiz with the certainty that it is a first free step to help find out what is wrong with your knee.


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