Avoid these 3 Mistakes when Posting Job Listings for Your Dental Practice

Dental practices usually need a very specific kind of candidate. Their qualifications as well as their disposition will often play a very important role. This is why finding candidates in that field can be tricky.

Job listings remain the top tool for finding top talent, however, too many people botch their listings or make crucial mistakes without even realising it. This could lead to your listings getting ignored or attracting the wrong candidates. Let’s take a look at some mistakes you should avoid when posting job listings for your dental practice.

Posting on the Wrong Boards

You don’t want to post only on the biggest job boards. While these are always a good option, you should also take a look at sites that recruit dental specialists or those interested in dental jobs only, like www.dentaljobsonline.ie, for instance. These will attract a more motivated and qualified group of candidates. Not only that, but your listing will have more space to shine. Sites like these are also often recommended to students coming out of dental school, which will allow you to attract a constant stream of fresh candidates.

Not Being Straightforward About Compensation

Companies sometimes post listings without a single word about compensation. Maybe they forget how easy it is to find this kind of information online and think they can keep some negotiation leverage that way. But what it really conveys to prospects is that you may be reluctant to pay them what they want or deserve. So, instead of trying to hide the numbers, be as clear as possible about pay rates and benefits.

Trying to Force Things

If you did the right thing and was as specific as you could in your job description, you need to actually stick to it when considering candidates. You might come across someone who ticks almost all the right boxes and you like their energy. You have a feeling that they’ll be able to fill the gaps on the job. But this could have multiple consequences.

Morale will be affected if other people find out that you hired someone who is less qualified than them. They might not be thrilled when they make errors that wouldn’t have been committed by someone with the proper knowledge. And they don’t want to constantly have to explain things they should know already.

On the other hand, if the person in front of you has all the qualifications and is perfect for the job, you also have to take what they say into consideration. You have to be able to meet their expectations in terms of autonomy, pay, vacations, scheduling, etc. If you know that they might have to work long hours or will need them on the weekend from time to time, don’t gloss over the fact that they expressed a need to stay close to their family. These are the type of details that will start eroding their morale and lead them to leave earlier than they should.

These are some of the most common mistakes people make when posting job listings online. Thankfully, you now have the tools to avoid them and improve your recruitment process.


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