Canney welcomes progress on Gort Lowlands Flood Relief Scheme

A feasibility report for the Gort Lowlands has identified a potential scheme that is both environmentally acceptable and cost beneficial according to Deputy Sean Canney.

Deputy Canney said; “This is great news for the many families who have suffered from flooding over many decades. I am delighted the initiative I put in place when Minister of Flooding in 2016 has brought this project to this stage.

“I want to acknowledge the work of the consultants, Galway County Council, Flood Action Group, and GSI for their input. Whilst there was a delay in finalising the report, it is gratifying that we now have a project with engineering solutions based on cost benefits.

“I look forward to the project being brought forward to full design and construction. The people of Gort deserve a break from fear of being flooded. Now we have a solution.”


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