Galway's RESERVit makes life easier for pubs and restaurants

Cillian Thompson

Cillian Thompson

Galway-based business called RESERVit has developed an affordable online table reservation and booking management system designed for pubs/restaurants, which collects customer data and securely holds onto it for the 28-day requirement as outlined by the government.

With a built-in walk-in feature, anyone with a smartphone can easily use the system without the need to download an app. Great for those of us who are less tech-savvy!

A business that uses RESERVit platform significantly reduces the time spent on the phone with customers fumbling over contact details and booking times when they could be serving tables instead while RESERVit's automated system handles those details.

Efficiency gained and money saved.

RESERVit have built features into the platform in response to the Government’s COVID-19 measures to ensure the business is compliant and offers a reassuring, safe and comfortable service for their guests.

"Our walk-in bookings feature allows quick and effortless collection of customer details should there be a need to provide assistance in the event of contact tracing which is especially applicable now as pubs reopen on September 21," said co-founder Cillian Thompson.

"Our platform offers incredibly flexible customisation for management. Automatic email and SMS notifications are working to prevent no-shows and the booking deposit feature we have can be turned on/off easily with some great configuration tools.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for us to work with pubs reopening all over the country to handle the requirements of keeping contact details and taking reservations before sittings," added co-founder Daire Joyce adding that RESERVit has had a pub/restaurant in Galway using their system over the past month and there have not been any problems.

"Check it out for yourselves at and even play around with the demo system at and we’d love a call if you’re interested, " said Mr Joyce.

"This way, pubs and restaurants can save money and time on the cost of keeping an employee on the phone taking bookings. Things are about to get very busy, as demand is up and space is down, and RESERVit can take and manage your bookings automatically enabling your employees to get back to work," added Mr Thompson.

"In line with new Government regulations, RESERVit gathers your customer's (and their guests' ) contact details when they make their booking, saving you the effort of awkwardly asking for the names and phone numbers / emails of everyone who walks through your door," he said.

RESERVit's intelligent scheduling algorithm ensures customers won't be able to book a time slot at your restaurant if all the tables that will fit their group size are already booked out.

"The RESERVit platform makes it quick and easy for customers to see what times will fit," said Daire Joyce.

RESERVit immediately sends you an email and text notification (optional extra ) when you receive a new booking. The platform enables you and your customer to manage the upcoming booking and saves a record for yours and your customer's reference," Cillian Thompson concluded.


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