Ros na Rún to mark its silver jubilee with special episodes

To mark the historic milestone of the largest independent TV drama production in Ireland, directors and producers of the hugely popular drama series announce details of six celebratory, special episodes dedicated to the many ground-breaking, original and life changing storylines of 'Ros na Rún'. It was the first TV drama series on Irish TV to host a gay kiss and to cast Stephen Fry.

Ros na Rún’s most loveable, bold and malicious characters from key episodes over the past 25 seasons will feature in narrated episodes to bring the drama’s loyal fan base on a wonderful trip down memory lane with many belly aching laughs and of course plenty tears of sadness and joy.

As with every rural Irish village, there are trials and tribulations, jubilees and celebrations, romance and breakups, deceit and pretence and the fictional village of Ros na Rún set in the Connemara Gaeltacht Village of Spiddal is certainly no different.

The Ros na Rún 25 year specials kick off on TG4 on Tuesday September 8 at 8.30pm with a 30 minute opening feature programme on the village’s favourite publican, undertaker and troublemaker Tadhg Ó Direáin.

From the pints he has pulled to the villagers he has barred and buried, viewers are in for a real treat. The women in Tadhg’s life and the cliff hanger episode where Tadhg learns about the love of his life, Maggie, to his children, the deals he’s won, lost and the many narrow escapes Tadhg has had in Ros na Rún are wonderfully narrated, and will leave viewers wanting a celebratory home poured pint after.

Love, romance, affairs, marriage break ups and plenty of gossip have well and truly featured on Ros na Rún down through the years. The feisty characters of Berni and Caitriona have put their fair share of men through their paces and viewers will be sent on a heart rendering rollercoaster of love, lies, misfortune and juicy gossip in our episode on Thursday September 10 at 8.30pm. Bernie washes all of Caitriona’s laundry of love and affairs in this episode while Mo and Caitriona dish plenty of dirt on Bernie Bocht.

There’s certainly been plenty of craic both on and off screen in Ros na Rún over 25 seasons, and on Tuesday September 15 loyal fans of the Irish language drama are in for one treat as this special episode goes from the ludicrous to the ridiculous with their best loved characters.

From the legendary Seamus Mhicil Tom and his many hair brained schemes with poor David, to Bobbi Lee’s notions of being an international country singing star to Garda Tony and his goldfish. There will be belly aches of laughter with this show.

The final episode of the current special series will be aired on September 15 at 8.30pm. Ros na Rún goes on a journey exploring the complexities of our darker characters. Berni speaks candidly to viewers of the pain inflicted on her and her community by her brother Andy.

Viewers will also be brought back to Mo and Anto’s dark experiences, while Johnjoe showcases his turmoil as Katy’s Dad. Malice, intrigue and mystery, will have viewers on the edge of their seats in perfect position to capture the opening episode of season 25 on September 22 at 8.30pm

Produced by current director and former series producer of Ros na Rún, Deirdre Ní Fhlatharta, the first four episodes in this six-part celebratory series will have viewers asking many questions, including where are they now, while fondly remembering characters and storylines of the hugely successful rural drama.

“We had an amazing trip down memory lane pulling from the wonderful Ros na Rún archives with so many dark, humorous and superbly written story lines,” says Deirdre, “It was stressful to edit such was the choice, and it was also emotional as we’ve lost a number of wonderful characters in recent years from the Ros na Rún family both on set and in our Gaeltacht Community so there were tears of joy and sentiment in putting this special series together which we hope our loyal audience will enjoy viewing as much as we’ve enjoyed producing”.

The final two episodes of the special jubilee series will air over the Christmas holidays and will be primarily dedicated to three of Ros na Rún’s most popular characters Séamus Mhicil Tom, Peader and of course Máire. They’re certain to be festive season show stoppers.

Ros na Rún is a co-production between Independent TV Production Companies EO Teilifís in Connemara and Tyrone Production in Dublin. The largest independent TV and artistic production outside of Dublin, Ireland’s only Rural based TV Show and Irish Language drama series in the world, Ros na Rún is set in a purpose built fictional village set in the coastal village of An Spidéal.

Employing 160 people, it is renowned for its commanding storylines which combine the reality of life while also fearlessly and innovatively confronting the growing social issues facing Irish Rural life. From alcohol to drug addiction, sexuality, abuse, mental health and the softer stories of affairs and romance, Ros na Rún combines the seriousness of life with humour in excellently written storylines which are delivered by highly talented Irish speaking actors from all corners of the country.

Season 25 returns to TG4 on Tuesday September 22 at 8.30pm. It will be broadcast weekly on Tuesday and Thursday at 8.30pm with an omnibus on Sunday evening at 7.30pm. Follow all of the latest stories and news from Ros na Rún on Social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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