Darryl Vance exhibits at Galway Fringe Festival

Geometry and colour combine to produce 'uncomfortable narratives' of movement

Three works by the American born, Galway based artist, Darryl Vance.

Three works by the American born, Galway based artist, Darryl Vance.

OPENING TOMORROW, Friday September 4, the artist Darryl Vance will debut a new series of paintings at Galway City Gallery as part of the 2020 Galway Fringe Festival.

Entitled Weir In The Bardo, the paintings are a mediation by the American born Vance on his movements from one state to another - physical, mental or spiritual. Working on cardboard, he has used colour and geometry to produce a sometimes uncomfortable narrative, with irregularities in the edges and surfaces emphasising how the material has survived in the world.

Darryl Vance Painting DetailDetail from a work by Darryl Vance.

“I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few years getting rid of the personal specifics of painting,” Vance says, "and I’d been enjoying the pure sensuality of paint, colour, and materials, but my experience of moving to Ireland was simply too intense to ignore. I found that through clashes of colour and composition, some sense of a path and place could be found. The bardo is an intermediate state of existence between two lives, and these works attempt to both navigate and imagine that place.”

The exhibition runs from September 4 to 14 at Galway City Gallery, 15 New Dock Street. Opening hours are 11am to 5pm. Strict Covid-19 procedures will be enforced. Gallery access will be limited to one person at a time and face masks must be worn. See www.darrylvance.com


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