Reddington welcomes Claran Community Hall grant

Caitlin Heneghan, Andrew Reddington, Frank Keane (Galway Rural Development), and Seamus McHugh.

Caitlin Heneghan, Andrew Reddington, Frank Keane (Galway Rural Development), and Seamus McHugh.

A grant of some €61,000 for Claran Community Hall has been approved.

Fine Gael councillor Andrew Reddington who sign the contracts for the grant approval on behalf of the Claran Development Association said since the hall was built, it has been a hub of activity for the local community.

Cllr Reddington said; "As part of the Claran Development Association, I was delighted to sign the contracts for the grant approval of €61,000 for Claran Community Hall. The hall was built by the community and has been the hub of activity for the community regular ICA meetings, card drives, badminton, hip hop, the odd disco, water meetings, macra meetings, graveyard committee meetings, drama, and what is the biggest event of the year, the senior citizens' Christmas party to name but a few.

"This [hall] will provide the vital space that is needed anyone who had a game of cards in the hall or indeed was at any community meeting knows too well as we tried to stack chairs and tables into the corner room after meetings or events. At this moment in time, we have a small room which isn’t suitable due to health and safety and the new extension will provide vital space for all the community groups who uses the hall.

I want to acknowledge the massive work the ICA have done for years in Claran they are part and parcel of every event that occurs. This is the first major investment that Galway Rural Development have invested in Claran and as a Claran man I am delighted. Galway Rural Development have to be really acknowledged for the way they are supporting rural parishes.

"The rural social scheme and TÚS Schemes are so very important. We have members on the rural social scheme who are keeping the grave yards and public areas in pristine condition and they must be commended, similar to the CE scheme we would be in a lot of trouble without them. This application wouldn’t have been possible only for the hard work of Caitlin Hengeghan and Seamus McHugh as we worked together for the last year to proceed with this.

"I want to sincerely thanks Frank Keane from Galway Rural Development who met with the Claran Development association and the ICA group this time last year and he gave us so much advice as we prepared the application. His work rate must be commended."


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