The Dilemma - new poetry from Danielle Holian

Second collection from Galway poet charts the loving, breaking, and healing of a relationship

Danielle Holian.

Danielle Holian.

THE DILEMMA, a work in three chapters charting the loving, breaking, and healing of a relationship, is the second poetry collection from Galway writer Danielle Holian.

Following last year's debut, Beautifully Chaotic (which Kevin Higgins, in a review for the Galway Advertiser, praised for its "brutal truth" and "searing honesty" ), The Dilemma seeks to "explore a storytelling experience through poetry".

The book was inspired by a relationship where Danielle found herself "loving someone with every inch of my heart to the point I didn't know who I was without them. It was truly an identity crisis. I grew tired of loving someone who didn't want to love me back".

'Poetry helps me feel less soothes my heavy heart, and brings joy to my glowing soul'

"The Dilemma is the love, loss, happiness, and heartache that punctured pieces of me within," she says. "I bleed each emotion out of these pages through chapters showing the loving, the breaking, and the healing I endured. Everything I never told him is scattered across these pages. From the unfortunate meeting and events throughout, to the blessings and lessons learned after he left.

Danielle says poetry "helps me feel less soothes my heavy heart, and brings joy to my glowing soul." As such, her experience was something she needed to explore and deal with through writing. "The experience was enough to go through, so I picked up a pen and paper and wrote everything down, until I could no longer remember every little quirk about him. Now they are trapped somewhere where my mind once was; my dilemma."

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